The Ramblers Restaurant

A week long project with @chsagency branding identity and designing two menus for the soon to be opening restaurant ‘The Ramblers’ (similar theme/ concept to @billsrestaurant@jamiesitalianuk and @leonrestaurants) featuring illustrations by Emma Wade, Logo and menu design by myself.

Using menu science and psychology of colour to encourage sales of more expensive items. The eye naturally gravitates towards the top right half of a menu, by placing something that stands out like an image (in this case the dotted pull out box) the customer then reads the most expensive item directly below first this sets a tone for prices and therefore everything else the customer then reads seems quite reasonable. Using low opacity boxes for popular or more expensive menu items the customer is more likely to gravitate towards them or think they should give them a try. Highlighting the item that donates 20p to charity with every purchase pushes a positive brand image even if the customer doesn’t buy that item.

Food Menu

Dessert Menu